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One of the biggest hidden expenses for website owners is web hosting. While the competitive industry tends to have competitive rates for initial signup, once you complete your first six-month or 1-year term, you end up paying full price upon renewal, which can be 2-4 times more expensive than the initial term. That can be a prohibitively big expense, especially if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out your business.

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The Internet has completely changed the face of retail. Comparison shopping used to mean driving from store to store, spending more money in gas than you saved on your purchases. Now you don’t need to change out of your bathrobe to get the best deals available anywhere. For example, take a look at these deals on software security for less.

Coupon Coder is a user-powered deal aggregator. The front page shows the very best deals, sorted by the day they became available and removed as the deal is reported ended. Because users are the driving force behind it, a huge number of different retailers may show up on it if any of Coupon Coder’s users happen to notice it and submit it. The website has a technical slant as many of the users spend a great deal of time browsing computer retailers, but it’s common to see movies, clothing or kitchen accessories on the site.

Dig deeper into the site and you will find many more deals that didn’t make the front page. Each deal is accompanied by a comment thread for users to discuss the deals. Common topics are whether or not the deal is worth it, if they had any problems with the deal or if there’s an alternative product that is still a better bargain.

Waiting for something specific? Coupon Coder allows you to set up to fifty notifications for certain keywords. This can be a great time saver as the notifications may be sent to your email. Another popular feature is SlickFillers.  Deals from are a very common sight, partially because Amazon offers free Super Saver Shipping on most orders exceeding $25. If you find your order just a few dollars short of getting Amazon’s free shipping, SlickFillers is an invaluable tool; it’s a searchable list of inexpensive items that can be used to pad your shopping cart up to the $25 threshold to receive free shipping on your entire order. is entirely free to use and participate in. If you come across an amazing discount on the Internet or at a retailer, feel free to share it with others on Coupon Coder. It’s also a great place to begin shopping; just browsing their front page may save you a significant amount of money on your next purchase.