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Use CubeCart and a Codecademy Discount Code to Build Your eCommerce Site for Less

CubeCart and a Codecademy Discount Code

If you are looking to run a lean start-up, then you need to do as much of the work yourself as possible. Taking the time to learn the necessary skills to get and keep your eCommerce site up and running isn’t the fastest way to do things, but it will be the most financially sound in the long run. Relying on others to do all of the heavy lifting for you is dangerous. If they just up and ghost you half-way through the work the project is dead in the water and will likely need to be restarted from scratch. Or worse, they could hold it hostage for a large sum of money. What happens if an unexpected problem comes up an hour before your big launch but it’s 2am in the developer’s country and there is no way to reach them?

So, here is what I propose you do to bootstrap an eCommerce site instead. Use a discount code for Codecademy to learn what you need to know, and use the open source CubeCart software to keep your business expenses low.

Use a Codecademy Discount Code

A survey of food truck owners asked what was the thing they wish they had done before starting their business. By far, the most common answer was something along the lines of learning at least rudimentary heavy duty mechanics. Truck repairs were much more frequent than any of them had anticipated, expensive, and were needed at inconvenient times that often cost them sales plus the expense of the repair. I feel that it is much the same situation with an eCommerce site, there will need to be repairs and relying on someone else to do them will be costly both in terms of the expense and lost potential sales. When you are starting out in business keeping the budget as low as possible is of the utmost importance. If you aren’t efficient in the beginning, you never will be.

If you’re not a coder, don’t worry. It’s a skill like any other, and it can be learned. I recommend using Codecademy. You can learn online at your own pace, and it’s not expensive. They have plenty of discount codes and sales that you can take advantage of to keep your costs low. I like their platform over others because you actually get to try the code out and see the results live while you are working on it in a split screen. I’m the type of learner that needs to apply the concept to fully understand it, so I think that is invaluable. You can also submit questions and work for feedback from instructors which is helpful.
use a Codecademy discount code to save on skills you need for CubeCart

CubeCart vs. Competitors

Here is my favourite thing about CubeCart: it’s open-source, that means free. It also has great features, works really well right out of the box with little to no customization (although you are free to customize it to your heart’s delight), and has support if you get stuck. Although you might be able to get it up and running with very little technical know-how, I would still recommend that you get that technical know-how so that if you do run into any issues they are easily solved.

The problem with a lot of the ‘you don’t need any technical knowledge!’ eCommerce providers is that they are extremely expensive. Companies such as Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace are going to be at least $20 per month, and more expensive if your business takes off and you need to scale up. Yes, that does include hosting and things like email, but $20 a month is a pretty crazy price for all of that, especially when you are just starting out. It could be done for $20 for a whole year. As I mentioned above, efficiency is king for the new business. Ideally, you want your expenses to be so low that you are making money from Day 1.

Keep it as lean as possible

The great thing about a lot of eCommerce businesses is that they can easily be run from your home or your parent’s basement if that’s where you’re at. You absolutely do not need to start with expensive software, you may in fact never need the expensive software if this is more of a side hustle for you. Start with a hosting plan that will cost you $20, get a $10 domain from Namecheap, and use CubeCart to set up which will cost you $0. Don’t start spending money until you are making money, and keep those costs as low as possible, always.

Coupons Are Why You Need to Embrace Mobile e-Commerce

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A Muscle Food Coupon Code Example:

Last year, 38% of buyers made their holiday purchases from smartphones or tablets, and projections so far for this year push that number over 50%. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on the lion’s share of buyers.

A Quick Case Study: Muscle Food Coupon Alerts recently started offering a Muscle Food flash sale text alert here: free delivery deal. This alert would let you know about price drops for your favorite products. The result? A huge conversion rate that further cemented Muscle Food as the king of online healthy food delivery.

If your site scales properly, is mobile optimization really necessary?

Just because your smartphone does a good job of displaying non-mobile sites doesn’t mean it’s “good enough”. Many sites use mouse hover-based navigation to reveal categories or other site features, and they don’t always translate to touches on other devices. Remember, buyers aren’t looking at your site with the love and appreciation for it that you have as the owner – they’re only there to buy a product.

What are the differences between mobile and desktop users?

In general, you have the “full attention” of a desktop visitor. They’re at their desk, focused on their PC, and intended to seek out exactly what they’re looking at. The mobile visitor has a shorter attention span – they’re either researching something from their phone, where they’re more likely to be distracted or working from a tablet while doing other things like watching TV or making dinner. It’s your job to get to the point quickly, give them the information they need to make a decision without being too wordy, and sell them the product they came for. The tolerance is lower; if your site isn’t mobile friendly, they’re more likely to leave and buy from a different site that is.

What should I be doing differently on my mobile site?

Small text keeps the reader focused on a desktop site, but on a mobile site, it’s your enemy. Use large, bold fonts to highlight the most important points, and a naturally readable size on the rest so the user doesn’t have to zoom to be able to read.

Use images that tell the story, but not so large that they cause the page to load more slowly. Even users in 4G coverage areas still tend to have a slower experience than desktop users, because they aren’t always getting a full signal 100% of the time. And if they’re on an older phone, the processing speed may cause the pages to load more slowly. Keep it short and sweet.

Even for tablet users who may be viewing the “desktop version” of your site, they’re generally on smaller screens and don’t have a mouse or keyboard. Make sure your site is responsive to touch-based input.

Test your entire checkout process

Run through your site’s checkout process on your own phone or tablet, and ask yourself one question: If this were any other site, would you really try this hard? Mobile users want to type as little as possible, and if the site doesn’t look mobile friendly they’ll wonder if the checkout process will even work. Consider implementing payment gateways like PayPal that don’t require the user to type in their address and credit card information to check out.

Mobile and touch-friendly devices aren’t going away. By understanding the mindset of the mobile visitor, you can improve their overall experience and increase your sales. Remember, Amazon has a great mobile experience and probably sells most of the same products you do – don’t send your visitors to Amazon in frustration when you could have earned that sale yourself by having a mobile-friendly website.

Website Hosting Company Coupons Made Easy.

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One of the biggest hidden expenses for website owners is web hosting. While the competitive industry tends to have competitive rates for initial signup, once you complete your first six-month or 1-year term, you end up paying full price upon renewal, which can be 2-4 times more expensive than the initial term. That can be a prohibitively big expense, especially if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out your business.

These are the sites that are most respected for having reliable coupon codes for web hosting companies:

The Internet has completely changed the face of retail. Comparison shopping used to mean driving from store to store, spending more money in gas than you saved on your purchases. Now you don’t need to change out of your bathrobe to get the best deals available anywhere. For example, take a look at these deals on software security for less.

Coupon Coder is a user-powered deal aggregator. The front page shows the very best deals, sorted by the day they became available and removed as the deal is reported ended. Because users are the driving force behind it, a huge number of different retailers may show up on it if any of Coupon Coder’s users happen to notice it and submit it. The website has a technical slant as many of the users spend a great deal of time browsing computer retailers, but it’s common to see movies, clothing or kitchen accessories on the site.

Dig deeper into the site and you will find many more deals that didn’t make the front page. Each deal is accompanied by a comment thread for users to discuss the deals. Common topics are whether or not the deal is worth it, if they had any problems with the deal or if there’s an alternative product that is still a better bargain.

Waiting for something specific? Coupon Coder allows you to set up to fifty notifications for certain keywords. This can be a great time saver as the notifications may be sent to your email. Another popular feature is SlickFillers.  Deals from are a very common sight, partially because Amazon offers free Super Saver Shipping on most orders exceeding $25. If you find your order just a few dollars short of getting Amazon’s free shipping, SlickFillers is an invaluable tool; it’s a searchable list of inexpensive items that can be used to pad your shopping cart up to the $25 threshold to receive free shipping on your entire order. is entirely free to use and participate in. If you come across an amazing discount on the Internet or at a retailer, feel free to share it with others on Coupon Coder. It’s also a great place to begin shopping; just browsing their front page may save you a significant amount of money on your next purchase.

How Coupon Codes Can Help Your E-Commerce Sales

coupon code websites

So You Want To Be The Next

movavi coupon codes
Make it easy for customers to give you money…

So you want to do what other websites already do best? For example: Coupon Feed is the best at offering travel coupons, and the website has a surprisingly huge following because of it. For Movavi video converter coupons they are among the best around.

$100 Headphones:

Or perhaps you want to be the next Beats by Dre? There are great stores out there that will sell you the best $100 headphones, and ship them to you as fast as But online sales can be a tough job. You have to compete with retailers like Amazon and Overstock. However, plenty of businesses have made it.
Companies like Ocado and Lovehoney thrive without physical locations. These businesses utilize platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to do a majority of their marketing.

5 Handy Apps to Help E-commerce Sales

However, every business needs as much help as it can possibly get. What are the best ways for you to boost sales and earn more money? Here are a few great apps you can use. Some of them require a subscription fee, but that money is nothing compared to what you’ll soon be earning.

S Loyalty

Did you know that about 75% of consumers say that their friends convinced them to buy something? Word-of-mouth marketing is arguably one of the most effective forms of marketing since nobody trusts anyone more than their friends. S Loyalty tracks your customers and encourages them to tell their peers. The app costs $19.99 a month.

Exit Offers

Imagine this: A consumer looks at your website looking for something to buy. They like a few different items, but nothing really entices them. They move their cursor towards the X button and then a pop-up appears and gives them a special offer. They are intrigued and decide to make a purchase.

Exit Offers gives your website that “but wait” effect that many master salespeople utilize. You can test different pop-up messages to see which one works best. This app costs $9.99 a month.

Abandon Aid

Did you know that over 65% of shoppers leave their online shopping cart with items still inside? Some of them make a mental note to return to their cart. Others will leave it behind for good. Abandon Aid sends shoppers reminder emails to encourage them to finalize their purchase. For only $10 a month, you could potentially recover over half of your sales.

Wishlist + Reminder

Customers can create wishlists of items they like. This is helpful for birthdays and Christmas. Plus, they will receive an email when one of their wishlist items has been restocked. This app only costs $5 a month.

Product Reviews

Get your customers to leave great reviews of your products or services. Considering that 92% of consumers read internet reviews and that star ratings are the most important factor when determining how consumers view a company, it’s important to get as many people saying good things about your business as possible. Great reviews also help boost SEO results. Best of all, this app is free.


eCommerce can be a tough industry, but the right marketing moves will help you make incredible sales. Use these websites to your advantage. They might seem pricey at first, but their cost will seem like nothing once you start raking in the dough.