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How Coupon Codes Can Help Your E-Commerce Sales

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So You Want To Be The Next

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Make it easy for customers to give you money…

So you want to do what other websites already do best? For example: Coupon Feed is the best at offering travel coupons, and the website has a surprisingly huge following because of it. For Movavi video converter coupons they are among the best around.

$100 Headphones:

Or perhaps you want to be the next Beats by Dre? There are great stores out there that will sell you the best $100 headphones, and ship them to you as fast as But online sales can be a tough job. You have to compete with retailers like Amazon and Overstock. However, plenty of businesses have made it.
Companies like Ocado and Lovehoney thrive without physical locations. These businesses utilize platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to do a majority of their marketing.

5 Handy Apps to Help E-commerce Sales

However, every business needs as much help as it can possibly get. What are the best ways for you to boost sales and earn more money? Here are a few great apps you can use. Some of them require a subscription fee, but that money is nothing compared to what you’ll soon be earning.

S Loyalty

Did you know that about 75% of consumers say that their friends convinced them to buy something? Word-of-mouth marketing is arguably one of the most effective forms of marketing since nobody trusts anyone more than their friends. S Loyalty tracks your customers and encourages them to tell their peers. The app costs $19.99 a month.

Exit Offers

Imagine this: A consumer looks at your website looking for something to buy. They like a few different items, but nothing really entices them. They move their cursor towards the X button and then a pop-up appears and gives them a special offer. They are intrigued and decide to make a purchase.

Exit Offers gives your website that “but wait” effect that many master salespeople utilize. You can test different pop-up messages to see which one works best. This app costs $9.99 a month.

Abandon Aid

Did you know that over 65% of shoppers leave their online shopping cart with items still inside? Some of them make a mental note to return to their cart. Others will leave it behind for good. Abandon Aid sends shoppers reminder emails to encourage them to finalize their purchase. For only $10 a month, you could potentially recover over half of your sales.

Wishlist + Reminder

Customers can create wishlists of items they like. This is helpful for birthdays and Christmas. Plus, they will receive an email when one of their wishlist items has been restocked. This app only costs $5 a month.

Product Reviews

Get your customers to leave great reviews of your products or services. Considering that 92% of consumers read internet reviews and that star ratings are the most important factor when determining how consumers view a company, it’s important to get as many people saying good things about your business as possible. Great reviews also help boost SEO results. Best of all, this app is free.


eCommerce can be a tough industry, but the right marketing moves will help you make incredible sales. Use these websites to your advantage. They might seem pricey at first, but their cost will seem like nothing once you start raking in the dough.