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Coupons Are Why You Need to Embrace Mobile e-Commerce

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A Muscle Food Coupon Code Example:

Last year, 38% of buyers made their holiday purchases from smartphones or tablets, and projections so far for this year push that number over 50%. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on the lion’s share of buyers.

A Quick Case Study: Muscle Food Coupon Alerts recently started offering a Muscle Food flash sale text alert here: free delivery deal. This alert would let you know about price drops for your favorite products. The result? A huge conversion rate that further cemented Muscle Food as the king of online healthy food delivery.

If your site scales properly, is mobile optimization really necessary?

Just because your smartphone does a good job of displaying non-mobile sites doesn’t mean it’s “good enough”. Many sites use mouse hover-based navigation to reveal categories or other site features, and they don’t always translate to touches on other devices. Remember, buyers aren’t looking at your site with the love and appreciation for it that you have as the owner – they’re only there to buy a product.

What are the differences between mobile and desktop users?

In general, you have the “full attention” of a desktop visitor. They’re at their desk, focused on their PC, and intended to seek out exactly what they’re looking at. The mobile visitor has a shorter attention span – they’re either researching something from their phone, where they’re more likely to be distracted or working from a tablet while doing other things like watching TV or making dinner. It’s your job to get to the point quickly, give them the information they need to make a decision without being too wordy, and sell them the product they came for. The tolerance is lower; if your site isn’t mobile friendly, they’re more likely to leave and buy from a different site that is.

What should I be doing differently on my mobile site?

Small text keeps the reader focused on a desktop site, but on a mobile site, it’s your enemy. Use large, bold fonts to highlight the most important points, and a naturally readable size on the rest so the user doesn’t have to zoom to be able to read.

Use images that tell the story, but not so large that they cause the page to load more slowly. Even users in 4G coverage areas still tend to have a slower experience than desktop users, because they aren’t always getting a full signal 100% of the time. And if they’re on an older phone, the processing speed may cause the pages to load more slowly. Keep it short and sweet.

Even for tablet users who may be viewing the “desktop version” of your site, they’re generally on smaller screens and don’t have a mouse or keyboard. Make sure your site is responsive to touch-based input.

Test your entire checkout process

Run through your site’s checkout process on your own phone or tablet, and ask yourself one question: If this were any other site, would you really try this hard? Mobile users want to type as little as possible, and if the site doesn’t look mobile friendly they’ll wonder if the checkout process will even work. Consider implementing payment gateways like PayPal that don’t require the user to type in their address and credit card information to check out.

Mobile and touch-friendly devices aren’t going away. By understanding the mindset of the mobile visitor, you can improve their overall experience and increase your sales. Remember, Amazon has a great mobile experience and probably sells most of the same products you do – don’t send your visitors to Amazon in frustration when you could have earned that sale yourself by having a mobile-friendly website.

About the SellAnywhere button

ecommerce add to cart button

Our application allows you to sell your products or services by integrating a cart in ALL types of Website.

Turn your current non-ecommerce Website into an effective business tool by adding ecommerce capabilities such as a shopping cart, the ability to checkout and a lot more…

Convert your Web site visitors into customers in 3 steps…

1. Add your product or service in the database in the Store Manager.
2. Create an add-to-cart button using the SellAnywhere button builder in the Store Manager.
3. Paste the HTML code beside your product or service in your website and/or send buy links directly in emails, newsletters, forums, blogs, Facebook and other social networks.

For Whom? You already have a HTML or PHP Website, a BLOG or a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. and you’d like to sell your products or services. If not there is currently a special going on for 40% off website builders. You want to save time and money without modifying, rethinking and redesigning your current website. You have no skills in programming to develop an online store. You have a very LOW budget to invest.

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Order Management To Do! Stock management Advanced stock management on product variants Billing Sales summary Refunds Shipping area & taxes Countries Sipping providers Shipping Rates Customers accounts Discounts Newsletter CSV Import/Export Discounts Discount based on total purchase Ex: Discount 5 % for 450 US$ of purchase net of tax. Free shipping based on total purchase Ex: Free shipping for 499 US$ of purchase net of tax. Discount code By entering a code, give a discount based on selected items OR on the total of purchase.

Customer Discount

Give a permanent discount to your favorite customers! Ready-To-Use Payment Gateways PAYPAL Authorize.Net 2checkout MoneyBookers Ogone e-Commerce DineroMail KlikAndPay BluePaid Bank Transfer COD: Cash on delivery Money Order Western Union Bank Cheque Liaison SSL Order Tracking Interface This area allows your customer to: View purchase summary Get NIC (order ID number) Get payment information * Confirm payment * Check the status of payment (Confirmed / Not confirmed) Check the status of purchase (Sent / Not Sent) Download purchase (if downloadable) Get PDF invoice (*) Manual payments only (Bank Transfer, COD, Money Order, Western Union, Bank Check).

Minimum system requirements System: Unix, Linux or Windows Web server: Apache Web server 1.3 or later PHP 5.2 or later cURL support and Soap Client (if Taxcloud or/and module is to be used) MySQL 5.0 or later One-Time payment No monthly fees 69.00 € Buy It Now License Agreement Demo SellAnywhere button

This website use the SellAnywhere Add-To-Cart button. HTML5 CSS3 Jquery Boostrap Mobile ready Our Services Services We also provide the following services: Installation on your hosting – 35.00 € Send us your FTP/MySql access and we take care of everything. We install your online store in less than 24 hours. We deliver your shop ready to use.

Start selling online without having to worry about technical considerations. Server requirements: System: Unix, Linux or Windows Web server: Apache Web server 1.3 or later PHP 5.2 or later cURL support and Soap Client (if Taxcloud or module is to be used) MySQL 5.0 or later

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